Walkden Monument
Dedicated to the Countess of Ellesmere, the Monument was erected in her memory in the centre of Walkden in 1868. A century later, in 1968, the Monument was removed to its present location, by St.Paul's Church.
Walkden Gateway
  • Walkden Gateway

    Walkden Gateway opened in 2008 and comprises health,  council and public library services in the centre of Walkden.

This website is about the history of Walkden, Worsley, Lancashire, UK. The information was compiled by my friend and colleague, the late Ann Monaghan,  and included on the former website of the Walkden Local History Society. 

Following the demise of the Society, Ann wished to keep the pages that dealt with the history of Walkden for the use of the general public. That website was closed down in July 2013, and so, rather than lose its valuable and fascinating contents, I have transferred the contents of the site to this one.

For enquiries about the history of Walkden you should contact the Local History Librarian, Salford Local History Library.

Chris Carson, Eccles & District History Society, May 2013.