The 19th century interpretation was "a walk to Dene Church", was guess work and incorrect. The  first documented use of "Walkden" was in 1292,  which predates Dene Church,  and until 1863 Walkden was part of Eccles Parish. Walkdenites would have to walk to Eccles for christenings, marriages and burials.
Mr Frank Mullineux's interpretation was that 'Walk' comes from the Old English word 'walcan', meaning to full, the treading or beating of cloth in water, usually a stream. The stream in question was Walkden Brook, the boundary between Farnworth and Worsley. 'Den', being a clough or Dene.

Street names
Mullineux, C.Elsie and Frank Mullineux Origins of Street names. Worsley. Little Hulton. (Little Hulton: Streetgate, 1990).

Street names and the Egerton family
References to Walkden in the above booklet include mention of the many local street names linked to the Egerton Family. In the nineteenth century Walkden area was part of the estates belonging to the Francis Egerton, Earl of Ellesmere, and house-building carried out by the Bridgewater Estates.

Family members' names were used, such as Brackley (the eldest sons of the family were known as Lord Brackley until they inherited the earldom)- hence Brackley Street.
Harriet Street and Louisa Street were from the respective names of first and third Countess of Ellesmere.

The following were derived from names of the sons and daughters of the Earl and Countess:
Algernon Road; Arthur Street; Beatrice Road; Granville Street; John Street; Mabel Avenue; and Wilfred Road.

Other street names were taken from family links, such as:
 Cavendish Road (after Lady Cavendish, who married Algernon Egerton;
Cawdor Street (the second Earl married the daughter of the Earl of Cawdor);
Chatsworth Street (after the home of the Duke of Devonshire, whose daughter married an Egerton);
Sandwich Street (the second earl's daughter married the earl of Sandwich);
Westminster Road (the first Earl's sister married the Marquis of Westminster.

Three street names are connected to the name of the wife of the third earl of Ellesmere:
Phipps Street, Mulgrave Road and Normanby Road. Phipps was the family name of Lord Mulgrave, who later became the second marquis of Normanby...the third Earl married his daughter.