Trams came to Walkden in 1906, when the South Lancashire Tramways opened their Walkden to Black Horse route. Progress of the construction work was detailed in the local paper and a large crowd gathered to see the arrival of the first tramcar.
 A Tramways Company booklet boasted “The people of South Lancashire have been afforded facilities for cheap travelling by means of a system of inter-urban tramways unequalled in this country, if not the world”. Perhaps so, but the Walkden stretch, however, was noted for its bumpy ride, likened to that of a 'bucking bronco', and it was even known for the car to run out of control on the downhill on Bolton Road.
The service was due to be scrapped in 1938 but because of the war it survived until November 1944.
Trolley Buses
Lancashire United Transport Co. introduced their trolley bus service in 1931. It was circuitous route, from the depot at Atherton to Mosley Common, Worsley, Swinton and then to Walkden. The service was discontinued in 1958.