For the best part of a century now Walkden has provided a popular public library service for its residents. Walkden Library continues to thrive, now in its excellent location in the centre of Walkden.

    ‘Penny Mansion’
    Brentwood was originally built as the home for local mill-owner, W.A.Rothwell. Mr Rothwell used to be very strict about time-keeping at his mill. Anyone late for work would be fined one penny.
    It was said that Rothwell built Brentwood from the proceeds of the penny fines. So the locals referred to the house as the ‘Penny Mansion’.

     Brentwood, the County Library   
    County Council
    After Rothwell’s death the house was bought by Lancashire County Council for use as a public library. Now people were fined for bringing their books back late, rather than for being late for work!
    The area’s first library service was begun in 1924 and buildings used included the Town Hall and St Paul’s School.

    New library building, 1966

    60s Style
    By the 1960s the County Council’s post-war building programme was well under way. Walkden was the 36th library to be opened in the programme.
    Although most Lancashire County branches were built to a standard pattern, Walkden was a ‘one-off’. The open-plan style and the provision of large areas of glass and timber gave the building its modern, Scandinavian look, making it a very 1960s building indeed.

     21st Century Library
    In 2008 Walkden Library moved into Walkden Gateway, a brand new building which also houses a range of NHS and council services. A wide range of library services are on offer in this superb facility.

    Walkden Gateway